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My fall skincare essentials

Despite how much I love the fall season, my skin doesn't. I feel like as soon as the summer is over my face starts looking more tired and dull for some reason. Maybe it's just because I tend to be a lot more stressed out in the fall than in the summer, or perhaps it's because of the humidity cause by all the rain.
Either way, the summer is now over and I felt like it was time to update my skincare routine. So here are a few of my current favorite products that have become essentials parts of my daily skincare routine and seriously improved the way my skin looks and feels.
I wanted to write this post, because I have now been loving these products for a while and I want to share the love so you can try them out too!


  • After removing my makeup, the first product I use is the 'Movis' facial cleanser by Lush. I did not include it in the picture since it doesn't exactly look very pretty, but basically it looks like a mix between a bar of soap and a piece of bread. It's a very moisturizing and gently exfoliating solid cleanser bar. I really like how clean my skin feels after using it and would absolutely recommend it for anyone with normal or dry skin. The only downside is that since this is a solid product, you have to store it in an open container to allow it to dry properly between uses or it will get really gross really fast. Sometimes I also switch to the 'Aqua marina' cleanser also by Lush. It has very similar benefits as the 'Movis' cleanser, but doesn't exfoliate. 
  • After washing my face, I like to wipe it with some micellar water. The one I'm using is the 'Lähde' pure arctic miracle micellar water by Lumene. I wouldn't rely on this as my only cleanser, but it's very nice as sort of a finishing touch to make sure my face is properly clean.
  • At this point I usually also use a lip scrub. I wear a lot of lipstick which is very drying so a proper exfoliation is a must. Currently I'm loving the 'Chocolate' lip scrub by Lush.
  • I like to switch between two different toners depending on how my skin feels that day. On a normal day I use the 'Hellä' moisturizing toner by Lumene. It's very gentle and doesn't dry out my skin like some toners do. However if I'm having a bad face day and breaking out, I prefer to use something a bit stronger. 'Tea tree water' by Lush is a nice and refreshing toner spray that helps calm my skin down a bit. However if you have more serious acne this may not be strong enough for you.
  •  I'm currently using the 'Valo' beauty drops by Lumene as a beauty serum to go under my moisturizer. They are little capsules that come in a jar of 28 pieces. You are supposed to use one a day until you run out and then take a break from using them. I've been really loving this product. It's really fun to use because you get to pop the little capsules and somehow that just feels super luxurious. The serum has really made my skin appear more luminous and my pores look a lot smaller too.
  • The moisturizer I use this the 'Lähde' hydration recharge by Lumene. It's technically a night cream but I use it in the mornings too because I tend to have very dry skin during this time of the year. This product is very deeply moisturizing but doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all.
  • My eye cream is also from the Lumene 'Lähde' line. It is the 'Lähde' purity dew drops eye gel and I absolutely love it. The consistency of it is very light but moisturizing, so it won't become a problem when you apply makeup over it. Instead I feel like it makes my eyeshadow stick better to my skin.
  • Finally I like to spray my face with some face mist. Surprise, surprise this one is also by Lumene. They have a few different ones, but the one I'm using is from the 'Lähde' line again. The reason why I have so many products from that same line is because I feel like they compliment each other very well and perform better when used together. Anyway, I love this face mist. It's hydrating and refreshing and it literally smells like a spa. The bottle sprays really evenly so your face won't get soaking wet. It's just a very fine mist that you can even spray over your makeup and it won't ruin it at all. 
Spot control:
  • If I happen to get a few nasty breakouts I usually try to attack them with natural products so I won't dry out the rest of my face. I usually start by dabbing a little bit of pure tea tree oil directly over the spots and then I top it off with some 'Grease lightning' gel by Lush. This combo usually works for me just fine, but again, if you have more serious acne than a few spots now and then, I would recommend something stronger. 

If I feel like treating myself:

  • I love using face masks quite often. One of my current favorite masks to use is the 'Mask of magnaminty' by Lush. It smells like fresh peppermint and is both soothing, cleansing and exfoliating. This is the perfect mask to use for relaxing after a long day or recovering from a hangover. It's also self preserving unlike most face masks by Lush, so you don't have to worry about it going bad too quickly.
  • Like many others, I too associate the smell of lavender with luxury and relaxation. I love using the 'Twilight' shower gel from Lush whenever I've had a really tough day and just want to go to sleep asap. It smells deliciously like fresh lavender! They just released a new "bottle-less" version of this too! It's the same product except in a solid gelatinous form that doesn't require a plastic package. It's still shaped like a shower gel bottle though which I think is adorable.
  • Another brand new product from Lush that I've been loving is the 'Once upon a time' solid body lotion. It smells like crisp apples and leaves your skin incredibly soft. I don't use this every day because it is quite expensive and doesn't last very long, but it's a wonderful way to treat yourself. 
  • The last item I want to share with you is the 'Goth fairy' shimmer bar, once again from Lush. You can use it as a moisturizing massage bar or just as a body glitter. Just rub it on your skin and you'll sparkle like an actual fairy. I also think smells like blackberries even though it doesn't have blackberry listed as an ingredient. 
So that's pretty much my entire skincare routine. I don't always follow ever single step of this if I'm feeling super tired but I do try to do all of this almost every day. I hope you found this interesting and perhaps found some products that you'd like to try out. 

With love,

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