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My fall skincare essentials

Despite how much I love the fall season, my skin doesn't. I feel like as soon as the summer is over my face starts looking more tired and dull for some reason. Maybe it's just because I tend to be a lot more stressed out in the fall than in the summer, or perhaps it's because of the humidity cause by all the rain.
Either way, the summer is now over and I felt like it was time to update my skincare routine. So here are a few of my current favorite products that have become essentials parts of my daily skincare routine and seriously improved the way my skin looks and feels.
I wanted to write this post, because I have now been loving these products for a while and I want to share the love so you can try them out too!


  • After removing my makeup, the first product I use is the 'Movis' facial cleanser by Lush. I did not include it in the picture since it doesn't exactly look very pretty, but basically it looks like a mix between a bar of soap and a piece of bread. It's a very moisturizing and gently exfoliating solid cleanser bar. I really like how clean my skin feels after using it and would absolutely recommend it for anyone with normal or dry skin. The only downside is that since this is a solid product, you have to store it in an open container to allow it to dry properly between uses or it will get really gross really fast. Sometimes I also switch to the 'Aqua marina' cleanser also by Lush. It has very similar benefits as the 'Movis' cleanser, but doesn't exfoliate. 
  • After washing my face, I like to wipe it with some micellar water. The one I'm using is the 'Lähde' pure arctic miracle micellar water by Lumene. I wouldn't rely on this as my only cleanser, but it's very nice as sort of a finishing touch to make sure my face is properly clean.
  • At this point I usually also use a lip scrub. I wear a lot of lipstick which is very drying so a proper exfoliation is a must. Currently I'm loving the 'Chocolate' lip scrub by Lush.
  • I like to switch between two different toners depending on how my skin feels that day. On a normal day I use the 'Hellä' moisturizing toner by Lumene. It's very gentle and doesn't dry out my skin like some toners do. However if I'm having a bad face day and breaking out, I prefer to use something a bit stronger. 'Tea tree water' by Lush is a nice and refreshing toner spray that helps calm my skin down a bit. However if you have more serious acne this may not be strong enough for you.
  •  I'm currently using the 'Valo' beauty drops by Lumene as a beauty serum to go under my moisturizer. They are little capsules that come in a jar of 28 pieces. You are supposed to use one a day until you run out and then take a break from using them. I've been really loving this product. It's really fun to use because you get to pop the little capsules and somehow that just feels super luxurious. The serum has really made my skin appear more luminous and my pores look a lot smaller too.
  • The moisturizer I use this the 'Lähde' hydration recharge by Lumene. It's technically a night cream but I use it in the mornings too because I tend to have very dry skin during this time of the year. This product is very deeply moisturizing but doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all.
  • My eye cream is also from the Lumene 'Lähde' line. It is the 'Lähde' purity dew drops eye gel and I absolutely love it. The consistency of it is very light but moisturizing, so it won't become a problem when you apply makeup over it. Instead I feel like it makes my eyeshadow stick better to my skin.
  • Finally I like to spray my face with some face mist. Surprise, surprise this one is also by Lumene. They have a few different ones, but the one I'm using is from the 'Lähde' line again. The reason why I have so many products from that same line is because I feel like they compliment each other very well and perform better when used together. Anyway, I love this face mist. It's hydrating and refreshing and it literally smells like a spa. The bottle sprays really evenly so your face won't get soaking wet. It's just a very fine mist that you can even spray over your makeup and it won't ruin it at all. 
Spot control:
  • If I happen to get a few nasty breakouts I usually try to attack them with natural products so I won't dry out the rest of my face. I usually start by dabbing a little bit of pure tea tree oil directly over the spots and then I top it off with some 'Grease lightning' gel by Lush. This combo usually works for me just fine, but again, if you have more serious acne than a few spots now and then, I would recommend something stronger. 

If I feel like treating myself:

  • I love using face masks quite often. One of my current favorite masks to use is the 'Mask of magnaminty' by Lush. It smells like fresh peppermint and is both soothing, cleansing and exfoliating. This is the perfect mask to use for relaxing after a long day or recovering from a hangover. It's also self preserving unlike most face masks by Lush, so you don't have to worry about it going bad too quickly.
  • Like many others, I too associate the smell of lavender with luxury and relaxation. I love using the 'Twilight' shower gel from Lush whenever I've had a really tough day and just want to go to sleep asap. It smells deliciously like fresh lavender! They just released a new "bottle-less" version of this too! It's the same product except in a solid gelatinous form that doesn't require a plastic package. It's still shaped like a shower gel bottle though which I think is adorable.
  • Another brand new product from Lush that I've been loving is the 'Once upon a time' solid body lotion. It smells like crisp apples and leaves your skin incredibly soft. I don't use this every day because it is quite expensive and doesn't last very long, but it's a wonderful way to treat yourself. 
  • The last item I want to share with you is the 'Goth fairy' shimmer bar, once again from Lush. You can use it as a moisturizing massage bar or just as a body glitter. Just rub it on your skin and you'll sparkle like an actual fairy. I also think smells like blackberries even though it doesn't have blackberry listed as an ingredient. 
So that's pretty much my entire skincare routine. I don't always follow ever single step of this if I'm feeling super tired but I do try to do all of this almost every day. I hope you found this interesting and perhaps found some products that you'd like to try out. 

With love,

Relaxing after a stressful week – Fall edition

The beginning of this fall has been quite stressful for me. I was lucky enough to get accepted to my dream university and even though it has so far been everything that I hoped for and much more, it has also been quite stressful. On top of that I have been constantly on-off sick and had a lot going on with my personal life.

For the last two weeks or so I have been really stressed out and tired. For a while it seemed to me that there was no way I would be able to take a proper break from it all until maybe Christmas. Then a thought came upon me; I am actually blessed enough that my family has a summer cabin in the countryside. What could possibly be a better place to escape the busyness of my life?

I decided to take a trip to the countryside and spend the weekend with my aunt and grandparents. Spending some time in the middle of nowhere turned out to be an excellent decision. I was able to completely focus on enjoying the crisp fall weather and collecting my thoughts. 

This post will be a little bit different from my usual style. A bit more chatty, if you will.

We all have to know our own limits and we have to know when to take a break. I've made the same mistake numerous times in the past where I think I can just endlessly force myself to keep going but every single time that has lead to the same result; I get so exhausted that eventually I shut down completely and can no longer get anything done. Being unproductive makes me even more stressed, which again makes me even less productive. Do you see a pattern here? 

Even despite having been down this road many times I'm still no expert at avoiding stress or staying on top of it. In fact, I am someone who tends to spend more time dealing with the consequences of being stressed out than actually dealing with the things that are stressing me out. I think it goes without saying that it would be much more effective to avoid overworking yourself to begin with, but that's usually easier said than done.

In today's society it seems that literally everyone and their dogs know what it's like to be stressed out, over worked, or even on the verge of a small-scale burnout. Everyone has a busy life and more work on their table than humanly possible to complete.

So what can be done about the situation? It depends on the person. Some people swear by mindfulness practices, others say that hobbies and working out are the only way to stay sane etc etc. I don't think it matters what exactly you like to do to destress. What matters is that you make time for yourself and the things that help you enjoy life. Learn to prioritize and reserve time for relaxing. Make relaxing an equal priority to your work. Learn to say "sorry, I need some me-time now". Even if it's just one night a week or half an hour each day, do your best to stick to it and actually make a point to clear your mind. If you spend your "me-time" thinking about work and chores, it's not really "me-time". It's just unproductive work-time.

For me, leaving town and spending a weekend in the middle of nowhere was quite relaxing. However that's not something I can do every week and most people probably don't have that opportunity to begin with. So here are some more doable things that you can try:

  • Make sure your weeks are properly planned out. Not knowing what you need to do and when can be very stressful. Same goes for not writing things down and trying to keep it all in your head. Make a plan, it will save your life!
  • Set personal goals and stick to them. Try to make them so fun and rewarding that they won't feel like extra chores, but rather something that you're excited to work on. 
  • Create enjoyable routines. Update your skincare routine, buy some fancy tea that you're excited to drink, eat good breakfasts. By making little parts of your day more enjoyable can really improve your life quality.
  • Learn when to say "no more". Sometimes we get buried under huge workloads no matter how much we try to avoid it. Even if it's something that you really need to get done, you have to learn to take breaks and even push things past deadlines if your mental health is starting to suffer. Health first, work second.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this subject. I wanted to write this because I know a lot of people like me who constantly find them selves extremely stressed and exhausted. This is in no way a tutorial for how to completely overcome stress, but rather just some thoughts on how I'm trying to better myself and perhaps you can benefit from them as well. 

With love,

Create the perfect planner setup just for you

I have always been the kind of a person who loves to plan out every moment of my life in great detail. Whether or not I actually stick to that plan is a whole different story, but having a plan and knowing what I'm supposed to do and when gives me some peace of mind. Without an agenda, I would forget absolutely everything, constantly double book myself and never get anything done on time.

In my life time I have tried just about every type of planner out there. I'm very picky with them, since I want my planner to be both functional (it has to have everything I need, but nothing more) and I want it to look pretty. In my experience most pre-made planners either A) Are hideously ugly, B) Are inconveniently set up and full of clutter but not enough space for what I need, or C) Are always too small or too big. I also tried bullet journaling for a while, but even though the endless customization options were nice, I hated not being able to easily plan out my future, because I hadn't yet made enough pages.

That is when I found out about ring bound planners. A ring bound planner is basically a small 6 ring binder that you can fill with any inserts you like. I immediately fell in love with this system, because it allows me to set up my planner exactly how I want without having anything in it that I don't want. I can also easily take out old pages that I no longer need and add new ones too so I won't have to buy a new planner every year. I can choose to have exactly the kind of inserts I like and even switch them out if I get tired of them!

In this post I want to give you an idea of how to use and setup one of these planners to fit your needs perfectly, as well as share some tips for decorating it!

Make your planner really speak your language

First you need to choose your planner cover. The planner I am using is a medium size Kikki K, which is equivalent to what most brands call "personal size". I find this to be a perfect size for an everyday planner that you can easily carry around with you. If you would rather have a slightly bigger planner to maybe just keep at your desk, A5 is another popular size. Kikki K planners can be quite expensive, since they are handmade with real leather, but you can also find more affordable options such as Color crush.

The first step when setting up your planner is to ask yourself what are the things that you want to have in your planner. Make a list of everything you need and either head to Pinterest where you can find dozens of free printable pages, or go to Etsy, where you can buy pre-printed pages! You can also design your own pages, if you want.

Here are some examples of what you might want to include:

  • A monthly calendar
  • Weekly and/or daily calendar
  • To do lists
  • School related pages, such as course information and assignments
  • A way to keep track of your budget
  • Lists, ideas, challenges...
  • Notes pages
Got everything you need? Good, let's get started! 

First impressions matter

When you first open a ring bound planner, you'll see that most of them have a front pocket. This is the perfect place for storing little accessories that you might need on the go, such as sticky notes and paperclips. Many people (myself included) also like to decorate this part of their planner. You can fill the pockets with pretty cards, clips and other nicknacks. 

Choose your dashboard

The first page of your planner should be some kind of a laminated dashboard. A dashboard is a page, that you can use to stick notes to, or you can leave it blank. The reason why you should have one and also why it should be laminated is that it helps the pages of you planner turn easier and not get caught in the rings when you close the covers. 

I currently have a so called "shaker dashboard" in my planner. It is essentially a page made of two sheets of clear plastic with some glitter sandwiched in between. You can buy a shaker dashboard from my Etsy shop!

Behind the dashboard I have a pocket made of scrapbooking paper that I use to store some small sticker sheets and wash tape samples.

The big picture

I have divided my planner into seven different sections using divider tabs. The first section in my planner is called "calendar" and as the name suggest, that's where I have my calendar pages. I have a page with an overview of the whole year of 2017 as well as monthly pages from September to December. (I will add more as we get closer to new year)  It is up to you whether you find these pages useful or not. I like being able to see the entire month at one glance, but some people rarely find use for it.

The really fun(ctional) part

The next tab I have is called "planning". That's where I keep my weekly pages, on which I like to actually plan out my weeks in detail. These are also the pages that I love to decorate the most. You can find tons and tons of gorgeous planner sticker kits on Etsy. Most sticker kits include both functional and decorative stickers, but you can also get just one or the other, depending on your preferred planning style. 

I've also made a removable bookmark out of laminated vellum paper and some stickers. It helps me to easily find the current week.

This is what my weekly inserts look like without any decorations. I got these from a shop called Ickle & Co on Etsy, and they are perfect for standard size planner stickers. 

Make it look like your own

An easy way to decorate your dividers without making completely new ones is by adding a second layer of decorative paper (or whatever you want) and connecting it to the original divider with a paperclip. You can use a very subtle and small clip or a really boujee one like this glitter bow that I'm using. This way you can easily change up your deco without having to make/buy new dividers all the time.

The pumpkin illustration was a free printable that I found on pinterest and layered with a piece of scrapbooking paper.

Get stuff done!

Having a "to do" tab is very useful for making all kinds of lists of everything you need to get done.
You can fill your "to do" tab with just plain notepaper or you can print out some pretty lists like I did. I find that they not only look better but also help me to keep my lists organized.

In the same "to do" tab I also have some daily schedule pages. I only use these for very busy days when I need to basically plan out every moment of the day. My daily inserts are from a shop called ThePlannerEmporium on Etsy. They also come with a water tracker and a space for meal planning/tracking. I also have another removable laminated bookmark here to help me quickly find the right page.

Always stay on top of your work

Next I have a "school" tab. I use it to keep track of my courses and assignments as well as grades. This is also where I write down any important school related information. You could also use this tab for writing down your homework or planning group projects!
If you aren't in school, you may want to substitute this section with a "work" tab instead.

No more wondering where all your money is going!

The next tab that I have is called "budget". I use it for anything money or shopping related such as wish lists, shopping lists, budgets etc. 

I also have a page for tracking my online orders. I am someone who loves to shop online and sometimes I straight up forget what I have ordered! This tracker helps me not only to remember what I have bought, but also when I bought it, where from, how much did it cost and wether or not it has arrived yet. (I'm showing you an empty page, but believe me, I use this a lot)

In the "budget" tab I also have a finances tracker. It allows me to write down a rough idea of my monthly expenses and income. I don't write down every little coffee run, but keeping track of bigger purchases helps me get an idea of where my money is going each month. 

A place for meal planning, exercises, inspirational quotes or whatever you're into

My second to last tab is called "personal". In here I have things like a list of important websites and usernames, a list for blogpost ideas, party planning, challenges that I'm trying out etc, etc. 

Write it down

Finally, my last tab is called "notes". As the name suggests, it's filled with note paper and I use it for writing down miscellaneous little things and ideas that I want to remember. The note paper that I'm using is also from the shop ThePlannerEmporium on Etsy.

Don't let your pages get wrinkled!

The very last page on your planner should always be a page turner. It has the same function as a dashboard; it keep your pages from getting caught in the rings when you close your planner. 
You can easily make one by laminating a piece of scrapbooking paper and hole punching it.

For really quick notes

You may want to add a notepad or a stack of sticky notes somewhere in your planner where you can easily access it. My Kikki K came with a little notepad on the inside of the back cover. I use it to jot down things that I only need to remember temporarily, and later I can just tear off the sheet when I no longer need it. 

And that's it!

Customize and decorate your planner exactly how you like and make it fill out your needs. Have fun but remember to still keep it functional, or it'll become very cluttered and difficult to use. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful. If anything was left unclear, feel free to comment your questions down below. 

With love,

How to make the most out of fall

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the chilly weather, colorful trees and cozy fashion. However since I live in Finland where even the summer is usually quite cold and rainy, people around me always seem to dislike fall a lot. As soon as the weather starts to cool people start complaining about how it's too cold and how they wish it was still summer.

As a firm lover of the fall season, I wanted to list some awesome things to do during this time of the year. Let these fun ideas inspire you to live the greater fall ever!

This list includes everything from diy tutorials to activities and I guarantee you won't be bored.

1. A picnic in the forest

Picnics are typically seen as summer activities but can be just as fun in the fall. Pack your picnic basket full of hot soup, fresh bread and hot cocoa to keep you warm. Grab a few more blankets than you would in the summer so you can both sit on them and wrap yourself in them. Get your friend group together and head outside for the coziest picnic ever. Just make sure you're wearing enough warm clothes!

2. Throw a Halloween party

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I take it very seriously. For me, halloween starts on the first day of September and ends on actual halloween. The best way to celebrate is obviously to throw a themed party for your friends or family.
I will be writing a whole post on how to throw a kickass halloween party as we get closer to October, but for now I've collected some links for you so you can start getting inspired!

Harry Potter inspired pumpkin pasties by Popsugar
Gilded insect plaques by The gathered home
Diy potion bottles by Buzzfeed

3. Turn your home into a cozy nest

Is there anything better than sitting in a cozy house wrapped up in a blanked with a cup of tea while it's raining outside?
Decorate your home with candles, pillows, throw blankets and warm colors to set the mood for fall. You don't have to invest a ton of money into home decor either. If you just look at what you have lying around with fresh eyes you'll find that a lot of it can be used as material for diy projects.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for up-cycled diy fall decor:

Sweater pumpkins by Jill Ruth & Co
Fall wreath made out of soda cans by Hometalk
Diy blanket ladder by Naptime decorator

4. Collect and preserve craft supplies from nature

Nature is full of colorful leaves, acorns, pinecones and berries during this time of the year. Take advantage of them! You can collect leaves and press them so you can later use them as decorations for making cards and other crafts. Pinecones, rowan branches and acorns make adorable decor as they are and you can even make your own jam out of forest berries.

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Rowan and apple jelly recipe by Delishably
Yarn and tree branch wall hanging by The good times home store
Acorn napkin rings by New england

5. Have a diy spa day with your friends

Hosting a diy spa day for your friends is both fun and relaxing. You can also just do this alone to relax after a long week. 

Here are some ideas for what to include:

  • If your house has a sauna, heat it up!
    • Spending some time in a hot quiet sauna is very relaxing and is believed to be a great way to detox too. Add some essential eucalyptus oil to the water for a fresh scent.
  • Light some scented candles
    • Check out tip number six for some awesome diy candles!
  • Make some diy face masks 
    • Blend some fresh banana, oatmeal and honey together to create a simple moisturizing face mask. 
    • Mix together coffee grounds and honey to create an exfoliating and energizing mask.
  • Create a manicure station
    • Get a small tray and fill it with nail polish, hand cream, nail files, cuticle oil and an exfoliating hand scrub to create your own little manicure station.
    • You can make your own exfoliating scrub by mixing sea salt and coconut oil. Add a few drops of essential oil for scent, if you'd like. 
  • If you have a bathtub, make some diy bath salts
    • Mix together Himalayan salt, dried flowers and just a few drops of lavender oil for a soothing bath salt.
    • Mix sea salt and lemon juice for an energizing bath salt.
  • Warm up your towels by blowing them with a hairdryer for a few moments. Be careful not to burn them!
  • Make your own herbal tea
    • My favorite combination is equal parts dried mint, green tea and dried chamomile.

6. Make some cute candles

Homemade candles are a great way to add a touch of coziness to your home and they smell amazing too! 
Making them is a fun activity to do either with friends or by yourself and if you get a little carried away and end up making more than you need you can always save them for Christmas and give away as presents.

Here are a few of my favorite tutorials for homemade candles:

7. Read a book or two

Fall is the perfect season for starting a new book. You can take your book anywhere with you and read it on the bus, at coffee shops, on your lunch break and of course at home. Keep a stack of books on your nightstand so you won't forget about them. I can only speak for my self, but whenever I put an unfinished book back into the shelf I just completely forget about it and never finish it. That's why I always have a bunch of them next to my bed and they look pretty cute too!

I'm not very good at recommending books, but I am myself currently reading The Master and Margarita by Mihail Bulgakov and I've enjoyed it very much so far. Perhaps give it a go if you haven't read it yet?

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for making the most out of your fall and found them helpful!
Sharing your thoughts in the comments is appreciated!

With love,


Diy cactus ring holder

cactus diy

I think it's safe to say that anyone who has ever owned any jewelry probably knows the struggle of trying to store and organize it. Finding a solution that both looks good and keeps your jewelry easily accessible and tangle free can be challenging, especially if you don't want your jewelry collection to take up too much space.

Personally I've been struggling with this pretty much my entire life. When I was a child, my collection mostly consisted of cheap plastic necklaces that I harvested from Disney magazines and gift bags at my friends' birthday parties. My storage method for those was "the ball" aka a giant knot made up of all those plastic necklaces. The knot kept getting worse and worse until it became impossible to solve and I ended up throwing them all alway. Nowadays I still mostly own cheap "trash jewelry", as my grandmother used to call it, but at least I care a bit more about keeping it organized.

Today I want to share with you this little project that I made to help me organize my rings. This is a fairly easy project that should be suitable even for those with very little experience in crafting.


Here's what you need for this project:

  • About 60cm of wire. It should be sturdy but also easy to bend. 
  • One whole pack (56g) of Fimo (or any other brand of polymer clay that you prefer using)
  • Enamel paint. Use any colors you like, I chose white and gold. 
    • Alternatively: if you don't want to use enamel pain, you can also use acrylic paint which is easier and safer to use.
  • Tinfoil
You will also need an oven to bake the polymer clay in (just a regular kitchen oven) and something to protect your table from the clay and paint.

Let's get started!

Step 1.

Start by bending your wire to form a basic shape for your cactus. A good height for this is about 10cm or less. You can make it bigger if you want, but you may need more than one pack of clay. If you don't like cacti, you could also make a tree or perhaps an animal. Use your imagination!

Once you've created your "skeleton" it's time to give it some body. Carefully wrap tinfoil around the wire shape and crunch it down to create a firm core for your cactus. The reason behind this step is that making the insides of the cactus out of tinfoil saves a lot of clay. Alternatively, you can skip this step and just use clay, but you'll need about twice as much of it! It is also easier to get the clay to stick to the wrinkly tinfoil than straight onto the wire.

Next you'll want to give your cactus a nice surface! Warm the clay by rolling and molding it between your hands so it becomes easier to work with.
Tip: it helps to work with smaller pieces at a time rather than trying to mold the whole block at once!

You'll only need about 2/3 of the clay pack for this step, and the rest you should save for later!
Roll the clay into thin snakes and wrap those around the cactus shape. Carefully smooth out the clay and mold it around the core to create a nice even surface. Don't worry about it being perfect, a few lumps here and there give it that unique, handmade look!

Step 2.

Once you're happy with the way your cactus is looking, flatten out the bottom of it to make it easier to connect it to the base later.
Next it's time to make the base for your ring holder. Take almost all of your remaining clay (but not all of it! You'll need to save some for later!) and mold it into a ball. Flatten the ball under a flat bottomed objet to create a circular base. The base piece should be about 5mm thick and 5cm in diameter.

Bake both the cactus and the circle for about 15 minutes in 110°C (this may differ if you are using a different brand of clay than Fimo. In that case, read the package)

Let both pieces cool completely.

Take the last piece of clay and mold it into a snake. place the cactus on top of the base and hold it there. Wrap the snake around the bottom of the cactus and press it down to connect the two pieces together. Continue to mold and smooth out the seam until it blends seamlessly in with the pre-baked pieces. Make sure the cactus won't fall over once you let go of it. If your cactus doesn't feel secure enough, add some more clay.

Bake the whole thing for another 15 min. (or according to your clay brand's directions)

Let cool completely.

Step 3.

Now it's time for the really fun part! Decide what color you want your ring holder to be and go to town! You can go for a very minimal look like I did or you can use all the colors of the rainbow and make your cactus exactly how you like.


I used enamel paint for this project, because it has a beautiful shine that almost makes the finished product look like a ceramic sculpture instead of polymer clay. Enamel paint is also very opaque and durable, so it won't start chipping later on.
The cons of enamel paint however are, that it is quite toxic and also difficult to use. The consistency of the paint is thick and greasy and it's very difficult to wash off off your hands or anywhere else you may accidentally get it. Cleaning your paintbrush after this is also next to impossible unless you want to buy a separate product made for that. I just used an old dried up brush that I don't care about.
If you are a beginner with paint or you just don't want to deal with messy materials, I would suggest using acrylic paint instead. Acrylic paint is available in both matte and glossy finishes and should work just as fine for this project.

From here on out you can really paint your cactus whatever way you'd like, so instead of telling you what to do I'm just going to tell you what I did.

I started by painting the whole thing with an even coat of white enamel paint. The paint is so thick you can even use a popsicle stick (or something similar) to spread it if you don't want to ruin a paintbrush. As I said above, I used an old already dried up brush that I don't mind ruining. The cool thing about this paint is that it sort of smooths its self out. you can just sort of guide it with the brush and it will drip into a smooth even surface with no visible brushstrokes.

Next I let my cactus dry for a whole 24 hours before touching it again. Enamel paint can take a really long time to dry.

Once my first coat was dry, I added some cactus spikes (or I guess they look more like sprinkles, don't they?) with gold enamel paint. For some reason the gold paint dries in about 30 minutes, which is ridiculously fast compared to the white one that I used.

cactus ring holder

Once the paint was dry, my ring holder was finished! I am very pleased with the outcome, I think it adds a really cute touch to my vanity table and keeps my rings organized.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you. As always, if you have any question or comments, please feel free to either comment down below or contact me on social media.

If you end up trying out this project by yourself please share it with me on instagram (@ittybittydaydream) or twitter (@ittybittydaydre) by tagging me into the post.
I would love to see your version of this!

With love,


How I'm planning to turn my Dreams into reality

I've always been very passionate about making and designing things in one sense or another. I have also been studying visual arts since I was little. The thing is though, when you really love making stuff, you'll soon run into a common problem: you want to make more things, but you simply don't need anything more! This has been happening to me for years now. So far I've been mostly making crafts either for myself or for my friends, but I've always secretly wanted to start writing tutorials for them and selling the finished products so I can keep making new stuff!

Now I've finally decided to start doing so. I realized, that I've been putting this off for years, because I never really felt like I was ready to do it. I was afraid to do this for a number of reasons, most of which were silly and spawned from my own insecurity. I kept telling my self "one day" for about 6 years, until a few days ago I realized, that my day would never come unless I do something about it. So here I am today, writing my first blog post. Introducing myself to you. And no matter what ever may come of this, I'm proud that I'm finally going after this dream.

So how exactly am I going to make this work, and what will it include?

Like any project, this one also required a good sturdy plan of action. I spent the last few days setting everything up. I purchased a blog template from Etsy, paid for a custom domain, bought a decent camera and set up all the social media accounts that I figured I would need to promote my blog and reach you, the reader. I never quite realized how much work goes into properly setting up a blog before I actually did it myself. I spent four full days just trying to get everything to work smoothly, and of course many things turned out not to be quite as easy as advertised. However I really enjoyed doing all of that and it barely felt like working because of that.

Dreams don't work unless you do

Whatever you dream of doing, I of course suggest doing as much research beforehand as you can, but at some point you just have to get started, or you'll just be stuck collecting information forever. I had been waiting for the right moment and doing research on blogging for years before realizing that the perfect moment will never come unless one day you decide; Today is that day!
Surely I still have a lot to learn, but I also have a whole bunch of great ideas that I can barely wait to put in action.
Despite that, I still spent a full day doing some last minute research to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and how I should do it. Of course you should continue learning new things as you go, I bet that doesn't even need saying!

Starting my own creative business

As a "part two" of this dream, I have also just opened my very own Etsy store! I sell all kinds of handmade accessories and goodies there, so be sure to check that out! You can find my shop here: IttyBittyDayDream.

I'm working hard to eventually grow this tiny little business into something that I could make a decent income off. Of course things like that take time, but as they say: dreams don't work unless you do!

So what exactly does all this mean to you, the reader?

I'm aiming this blog towards anyone interested in DIY, design, planning or lifestyle.
On this blog you are going to find diy tutorials for all sorts of things, including home decor, accessories, and pretty much anything.
I will also be writing a little bit about my studies and life in general. I've just started studying design at Aalto university, and I'm sure that will become a big part of my life that may have some interesting details worth writing about.
I am also a very organized person. I love planning and organizing my life as well as decorating my planner as a hobby. I will definitely be posting about that sort of thing too.

I hope you'll stick around to see what's coming up next!

With love,